The Simplest How To Use Pinterest Instruction Out There

The Simplest How To Use Pinterest Instruction Out There

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Last Updated on September 20, 2021 by Mileva Stankovic

Many bloggers struggling with how to use Pinterest. They get lost in trying to make as many pins possible and post all the time, yet they often miss the bigger picture.

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Today we will cover the simplest how to use Pinterest out there. Yes, with the screenshots. ‘Cause trust us – many have been where you are. Bloggers around the world struggle to achieve more than 20k monthly views (though it’s a complete vanity to even be focused on that number, link clicks are more important) and they felt stuck.

Few updates on your account is all it takes to reach 100k views per month and more. So let’s dive in the simplest how to use Pinterest out there. 

What is Pinterest? 

Pinterest is both a social network and a search engine. People use it to pin the stuff they like, but also shop and sell items. It’s unique and can be a great tool for your blog traffic, affiliate sales, or sign-ups.

How to Use Pinterest

One of the options you get once you make a Pinterest account is to create a business account and claim your website. Do it, you’ll need it to analyze your traffic later.

How to Use Pinterest

This is the business hub. Here you can see the stats. The llink clicks are low, which means that we need to work on catchy headlines and pin descriptions.

You also see why Pinterest’s monthly views are pure vanity – that’s the number of people that just saw your pins.

BUT it’s still important in a way that the more people see them, the more will save them and the more will click through. 

If you’re a blogger, you’re looking for high numbers that will result in a decent conversion with Pinterest, kinda like paid traffic for ads. You need more folks to see your pins and save them to get more link clicks. 

How To Use Pinterest Boards

You don’t have to have many boards, but you do have to make them keyword-optimized and fitting for your blog.

how to use pinterest

You should continuously work on updating the boards’ description. You don’t have to have hashtags but include keywords naturally.

You also don’t have to overdo it with the number of boards – around 20 to 30 is okay.

How To Use Pinterest Pins

The things that will attract people to your website are pins. Now here comes the catch. You can have the most beautifully optimized account, but if you don’t post regularly, you won’t see results. 

Let us repeat: 

Posting regularly = results. 

You can do as much as 10 pins daily and IT’S NOT A HIGH NUMBER. If you can post 100 pins daily, you go, girl! That’s the best way how to use Pinterest!

If you’re looking for a great tool to schedule your pins, Tailwind is for you. 

Tailwind is an official Pinterest partner, which means you’re not risking your account! 

Plus, it has awesome tribes that you can join, which can give you even more exposure! 

Pinterest loves new content, meaning it will prefer your newly created pin image over “re-pinned” old one. Your new pin will probably be pushed to the “homepage” and the more you post, the more “value” you’ll show and Pinterest will serve your new pins to the audience. 

When it comes to pins per se, you’ll need to explore what works best. Color-wise, warm-colored pins tend to do better, but it strongly depends on the niche. Use red and yellow, contrasts, and nice imagery.

Tailwind recently launched Tailwind Create, a tool that creates pins instead of you. It’s super simple to use and will you a ton of time.

If some of your pins don’t do well, don’t hesitate to make completely different ones! 

Another cool Pinterest update brought us video pins. Try them out and see if they work for you. 

The Issues With Pinterest

Depending on the content management system you’re on, you might have issues with Pinterest traffic. Pinterest can “read your site” and determine if it provides good user experience. 

This means that if your website doesn’t provide decent user experience, Pinterest might push your pins down. 

Pinterest does cleanups regularly, so your monthly views may drop suddenly. No need to stress, drops can be as harsh as 40k to 5k. If you optimized well, your traffic will be back in no time. 

Some people may download and copy your pins. In case you see that, report their pins. 

Some bloggers had their accounts suspended randomly – at least that’s what they say. If it happens to you, don’t get desperate. Pinterest loves fresh content, so making a new account could actually be beneficial for you. 

Pinterest is a long-game.  So long it may even take 6 months for you to see results.

Some other Pinterest hacks we can share include: 

  • Pin your content more than you’d pin other peoples’
  • Use video pins 
  • Pinterest sitemap that you’ll use for keywords can be found HERE
  • Relevant keywords go to About your profile section, Board descriptions, and Pins
  • Join some niche-relevant group boards and see how your pins behave
  • Experiment with multiple pins per blog post – the more the merrier. 

How to Use Pinterest – Summary

These are the steps: 

  1. Create the account
  2. Turn it to a business account
  3. Claim website
  4. Enter relevant keywords in your account info
  5. Make some boards
  6. Enter keywords in board description, relevant to the board AND your account
  7. Create pins on Canva
  8. Post pins daily, as many as you can/want
  9. Opt-in to schedule pins via Tailwind 
  10. Analyze your traffic, pin headlines and description
  11. Adjust pins and boards accordingly
  12. Be patient!

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