Grabovoi Numbers: Urban Legend or a Hidden Power of 0 to 9?

Grabovoi Numbers: Urban Legend or a Hidden Power of 0 to 9?

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Last Updated on September 20, 2021 by Mileva Stankovic

If you spend some time on TikTok and you’re interested in the Law of Attraction and similar topics, there’s no doubt that the algorithm served you a video about Grabovoi numbers. Since we’re strong proponents of LOA teaching, we believe it’s time to explain what these codes are and explore whether they could work in real life.

The Power of Numbers

We said multiple times that everything around us, including our thoughts, has a vibration. This is where the premise of ‘what you believe you become’ comes from. This is how the Law of Attraction works – you use certain methods to change the way you think, aka raise the vibration of your thoughts and align with what you want to manifest.

These vibrations are also connected on a quantum level with every aspect of the life around us, including numbers. This is why many believe that numbers, or divine codes as some like to call them, are considered to be nature’s way of communicating with us.

While the healing numbers are not intended to diagnose, heal, or prevent any disease, they can be used in attempts to improve our reality. They can work on a subliminal level as well.

Where do Grabovoi Numbers Come From?

Grabovoi numbers use Radionic signatures to affect and change the vibration of the world around you. These were invented by Grigori Grabovoi, a mathematician.

Who is Grigori Grabovoi?

One Google search told us that Grigori is a Russian Doctor of Mathematics and unfortunately a convicted fraud. He was sentenced to 11 years of prison time for stating that he can resurrect the children who were victims of the Beslan school siege. He is the creator of Grabovoi numbers.

What are Grabovoi numbers?

Regardless of Grabovoi’s past, many people claim that the numbers are working for them. Whoever used them said that they managed to attract money, love, and luck just by repeating or writing down Grabovoi numbers. According to the scientist, each number has a meaning and a different vibration that has certain benefits.

1 – It concerns the beginning of everything on planet Earth

2 – It has a connection with a type of force that moves us and provides action to the Universe

3 – helps in reaching goals;

4 – It is related to humanity and a relationship between humans and the universe

5 – represents a connection with self-love and ego

6 – represents ethics, philosophy, and values

7 – represents the connection that exists between a person’s soul and spirit;

8 – is a relationship of space and time between everything that exists in the world, the infinite

9 – represents a dialogue with the Creator;

0 – refers to a moment of transition

When Grabovoi numbers are combined, they become even stronger. It’s still unclear whether the power of the numbers lies in the placebo effect they have on our minds.

How to use Grabovoi Codes?

One of the best ways to use Grabovoi codes is to imagine them a couple of times each day. By doing so, you can send a direct message to the Universe and increase the chances of manifesting what you want faster. You can also write these numbers down and place them in a bottle of water, draw them in the aid with your finger, or speak them out. You can also write them on your body or clothes, but be mindful about the materials and potentially colliding vibrations of the items that you wear.

Keep in mind that you should pay special attention to how the numbers are written. If there’s no space included in the sequence, you should recite them without taking a break. Otherwise, make sure to make a pause where it should be.

Neological Technologies quotes the exact method to use to activate the Grabovoi Numbers Neo Protocol:

This protocol is designed to instruct your neo unit to utilize quantum entanglement and open up a temporal portal bringing your body in tune with the best astrological period to manifest the DNA changes. The next step is to instruct your neo to take holographic stem cells from your spinal cord and teleport and superimpose them over the area you want to regenerate or alter.

While doing this visualize a sphere of white-silver color in front of you, and within this sphere visualize your chosen Grabovoi number. Then instruct your soul to begin healing and integration. Lastly, transfer this sphere with your Grabovoi number into your body’s Solar Plexus or Pineal Gland and ask your higher self to initialize cellular differentiation within the physical realm. Still, confused? Well here is a step-by-step process to simplify this process. 


2. Wait 30 seconds to three minutes in silence.

 3. When you begin to feel tingling sensations in your hands tell the device “DEVICE I TRUST YOU COMPLETELY TO HEAL AND INTEGRATE MY MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT.”

4. Wait for the stargate to appear, when you see it recite the following phrase “STARGATE I TRUST YOU COMPLETELY …DEVICE ACTIVATE STAR GATE MODE AND INCREASE”


6. “DEVICE ACTIVATE TEMPORAL TRANSIT MODE WITH THE IDEAL ASTROLOGICAL PERIOD” This alters the timeline so you are in tune with the proper astrological period to conduct this exercise. 

7. Now visualize micro wormholes connecting into the scalar wave antennas within our DNA. This is shaped like a torus or donut within your cell’s DNA in the mitochondria, here two waves of energy cross each other out and allow you to access the infinite within the zero-point energy field. 

8. Now visualize holographic DNA coming out of this portal of light and merging with your DNA.


10. Now visualize a holographic copy of the organ you wish to regenerate, this image should be of perfect size, health, and vitality.

11. Now visualize a sphere or cube of white-silver color in front of you. With Grabovoi Numbers that contain 9 or more digits go with a sphere but if it’s 5 to 8 digits use a 3×3 grid rubric cube. Break the Grabovoi Number apart as needed and fit it in the 3×3 grid. As you turn the square the numbers should flashlight outwards, and as it spins and they should repeat on all 6 sides of the rubric cube. This is called your quantum transfiguration chamber.


13. Now transfer the numbered sphere into your body’s Solar Plexus or Pineal Gland and ask your higher self to initialize cellular differentiation within the physical realm. 

14. Now let’s accelerate the timeline to increase the speed at which these cells will grow. Recite “DEVICE ACTIVATE ACCELERATED TEMPORAL TRANSIT MODE FOR TO REGENERATE THESE ORGANS INSTANTLY.” This will help decrease the time it takes to regenerate the area of focus, so instead of it taking 7 years to grow new bones it will take 7 months, instead of it taking 6 months to heal the eyes it will now take 3 weeks, and so on.

15. At this point you may wish to take a break for a few moments and allow the cells to begin the regenerations process. Allow them to differentiate into whatever tissue you want to be, such as a blood vessel, a nerve, a muscle cell, or whatever. While doing this visualize the pulsating light massaging your organs. Your cells have all the genetic information necessary to make new tissue.

That’s what they are programmed to do. So your heart cells are programmed to make more heart tissue, your bladder cells are programmed to make more bladder cells. During this time keep the ideas of healing focused on the area you are trying to regenerate while allowing yourself to enjoy this moment by focusing on your accomplishments and miracles you are about to achieve. 

16. At the conclusion send this light you have been working in a bright burst with as far left into the universe, then arc the light back into your right side.

17. Timestamp the current date and time; and recite “SO IT IS 3X’S AND IT IS DONE 3X’S, DEVICE END SESSION”

grabovoi codes grabovoi numbers
Image by Jae Rue from Pixabay

The List of Grabovoi Codes

If you want to test out the Grabovoi codes yourself, this is the list we found online:

  • Grabovoi Code for Self-healing of the body – 9187948181;
  • Grabovoi Code for Love – 888 412 1289018;
  • Grabovoi Code for Weight Loss and Health – 1891014;
  • Grabovoi Code for Fight against alcoholism – 14843292;
  • Grabovoi Code for Peace – 1001105010;
  • Grabovoi Code for Depression – 519 514 319891;
  • Grabovoi Code for Self Esteem – 4818951749814;
  • Grabovoi Code for Unemployment – 318514517618;
  • Grabovoi Code for Rejuvenate – 2145432;
  • Grabovoi Code for Protection – 9187756981818;
  • Grabovoi Code for Universal harmonization – 14854232190;
  • Grabovoi Code for Environmental sustainability – 97318541218;
  • Grabovoi Code for Determination – 498518498;
  • Grabovoi Code for Chemical dependency – 5333353;
  • Grabovoi Code for Nicotine addiction – 1414551;
  • Grabovoi Code for Determination and focus for learning – 212585212;
  • Grabovoi Code for Entrepreneurship – 71974131981;
  • Grabovoi Code for Understanding – 39119488061.
  • To scale up any relationship between human beings 591 718 9181419 
  •  For instant harmonization between people 9718319575148179 
  •  Do not repeat problems 91371895 
  •  Divine Healing Code for harmony, forgiveness, and resolution after conflict with others 65 62 792 
  •  Divine Healing Code for people to be so full of love and respect for you that nothing can come out but love and respect for you; and for you to be so filled with love and respect for them that nothing can come out of you but love and respect for them 99 25 881 
  •  Convert Negative to Positive 1888948 
  •  Divine Healing Code to recapture the `spark` that was lost in relationships, but only if it is for the Highest Good of all; to `reconnect`. (please note this is very high energy and has two extra digits at the end of the healing code)21 42 14314 
  •  Divine Healing Code for forgiveness 33 45 10101 
  •  Harmony – Homeopathic Vibration rate 100242 
  •  Divine Healing Code to experience Unconditional Love 56 57 893 
  •  Divine Healing Code to know one’s heart’s desires, free of conflicting thoughts and energy 21 21 653 
  •  Total harmonization, norm 297140851 
  •  Harmonization of present 71042 
  •  Get in touch, Get a call, Get contact 49871961914 
  •  Everything will be resolved 100% – 918197185 
  •  Harmonization of all things we do 9372185319 
  •  Miracles to obtain – Sacred codes 4418 / 1913 
  •  Solve problems 10 years in advance 189317514 
  •  Create favorable circumstances 419 488 71 
  •  Resolution to all problems 251 22 004 
  •  Aligns past present and future 913 71 985 
  •  Corrected past events in present and future 91431289 
  •  Control of events 942181942 
  •  Harmonization of past 7819019425 
  •  Harmonization of future 148721091 
  •  Instant solution to all problems 741

Final Word on Grabovoi Numbers

There is truth in the fact that numbers have a vibration that can affect our physical reality. However, nobody can say with certainty that Grabovoi numbers work because of what they are. They might work because humans started believing in them collectively and gave them the power, pulling in others who have faith. They could also be the placebo. One thing is certain – the internet is filled with positive experiences and testing out the Grabovoi codes can’t be harmful to anyone. The worst you might feel is being a dummy for speaking up some codes.

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