Mileva Stankovic

Blogger, Content Writer and Social Media Manager

What I do

Help Promote Your books

From writing a blog post about your book and sharing it online to assisting you create promotional materials - I'm ready and available to start any time and finish when you're satisfied.

Promote Your Brand

I'm open for sponsorship opportunities. If you'd like to hire me as a bran representative - even better. The only thing I ask is to please read a few of my blog posts first. That way you'll know if I'm the right person to promote your brand.

Help Your Blog

If you're having blog issues, HMU and let's discuss. Maybe I can help you solve them?

Write Content

There are many things that I love reading about. And we all know that whoever reads more, writes better. If you're a company HR representative or a blogger who needs help in content creation, test me out and see if I fit your needs.

Manage Social Media

It's no secret that bloggers are savvy when it comes to social media. We can work together to manage yours too!

Transcribe Audio/Video Material

I can also transcribe your videos or other materials, very quickly and precisely.

*Prices vary , depending on the quality of the content.

About Me

Currently employed as a content writer for, so there’s a big chance I already wrote content for your website! 

Before Niche Stack, I worked as a freelancer on the freelance platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork, but I’ve decided to get out of the comfort zone and find clients on my own. 

I’m also a published author in Serbia, working on expanding on foreign book publishing markets. 

Can’t imagine my life without cats and cheese. Take everything away, but leave those two. 

Current prices are listed below.


How can I reach you?

I’m very active on my social media, and I usually check my email once a day. Feel free to reach out via links below or my email

Will you accept a test?

If you’re a company looking to hire me, I’ll accept testing if I’m okay with the price offered for my services.


are you available?

I work as a freelancer, which means that yes, I’m available for multiple tasks at once. 

*I’m not available to work full time, due to obligations with my blog

Anything Else?
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