Get These 10 Writing Apps That Help You Stay In The Zone

Get These 10 Writing Apps That Help You Stay In The Zone

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Last Updated on September 8, 2021 by Mileva Stankovic

In today’s day and age, it’s normal to look for apps to help you in writing your book, blog posts, and other written content. We left our typing machines aside and replaced them with laptops and mobile devices. 

Luckily, the market provides some of the best writing apps to help you manage. Keep reading to learn more. 

1. MS Word / Google Docs / Pages

No matter where you are and what device you might be using, MS Word, Google docs, Pages (Apple pages) are free-to-use writing apps that help you store all your writings. These simple word processors are apps that can be used on pretty much every device.

These apps are not designed just for the use of writers and bloggers but for everyone else too. If you’re a Mac user you get Apple pages for free. 

2. Ulysses $5.99/month or $49.99/year (free trial available).

Ulysses is one of the writing apps that helps busy bloggers who have less amount of time and tons of work to do. This is the best app to stay away from distractions while working on your Mac, iPad, and iPhone with smooth syncing between devices. 

Publishing straight to different platforms, or exporting documents as PDFs or ebooks is easy while using Ulysses. It is best for prolific writers, bloggers, and copywriters. 

3. Scrivener $45 for lifetime

Scrivener is among those writing apps that help novelists, authors, and screenwriters achieve the best results. The highly customizable navigation bar makes it easy to organize sections and documents.

This is the software that is completely designed for authors and novelists. You can organize subject research, notes, detailed info about characters, and other stuff related to your novel.

Scrivener is available for Mac, iOS, and Windows.

4. Reedsy Free

Reedsy is a free writing app rendered for book writers so that they get better outcomes. This app also provides an option for collaborations between writers and has a contest feature in which you can effortlessly partake and win a cash prize. 

Reedsy is a Web app and editing in its interface is also really simple. It can track changes, versions, and lets you leave comments. 

The distraction-free interface of the app helps you enjoy and have fun but still have access to tools and functionality at your fingertips. For authors who want to write books, it is an excellent app because it can directly export an ebook to publishers. It is by far the best app if your work revolves around writing books.

5. Hemingway 

If you’re looking for an app that can enhance the material that you’ve written by changing some phrases or improving your grammatical mistakes then the Hemingway editing app is what you should go for. You can use this app for free online or you can buy it for offline use along with other functionalities – only at the price of $19.99

This is an app that can also be used to shorten the information that you have with the help of its tools. You can directly start writing in the editing app or you can paste something and edit it afterward, for if you write something directly in the app you’ll have to save the information and then edit it later.

Hemingway functions promising for writers who require help in editing or style and is available on the Web, Mac, and Windows.

6. Evernote

If you have a lot of static data, such as links, pictures, information, etc. and you want to have a separate note for that, then you should definitely give Evernote a try. 

There are two plans in Evernote 1)free 2) premium($7.99). The premium features of Evernote are more than you would ever want for making notes and its free features also accommodate a lot of helpful tools.

7. WriteRoom 

WriteRoom is an app that is completely made for writing and nothing else. This app is easy to use and is available on Mac only. WriterRoom is a simple app but it is nothing like MS word.

To focus on your writing you can use a customized distraction-free interface.

However, this app is mainly for brainstorming and drafting. It doesn’t support syncing with other devices. In other words, WriteRoom is ideal for quickly jotting stuff down.

8. Grammarly Free or $11.66/month premium

Be it Windows, be it IOS, be it Mac or Android – Grammarly is an application that is available on all devices.

If you’re a writer who struggles with grammar and spelling then Grammarly is the best app that you can find on the internet. Keep in mind that Grammarly is one of the writing apps that help you with grammar. 

Grammarly also offers a browser extension that helps you get easy feedback while writing an email or doing any writing work online. There is a free version available with limited functionalities while the paid version offers additional useful features.

9. Dynalist Free or $7.99/month

Dynalist can be used to write short as well as long content. It can be used by novelists for authoring novels and bloggers for writing blogs. This is the app that helps you when you struggle to arrange your ideas perfectly.

You can collaborate your work with people or you can use the free features to make it more specific for yourself.

The premium version of Dynalist helps you get backups to Google Drive or Dropbox and many more. Dynalist is available On Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

10. Airstory $25/month

Airstory is the best app for writers doing research work. The drag and drop function can help a lot of researchers with their work as they can insert all the information that they want and then by using the drag and drop function they can arrange it into the desired manner.

All of your notes can be inserted as cards and after that, they can be dragged and dropped into a document. The templates offer great help to begin writing instantly.

This writing help app works with other writing apps like Google doc and WordPress. Airstory is available as a Web app. 


These apps for writing help you manage all your documents. What’s more, some of them are completely free to use. Apps are available for most operating systems and devices, so you’ll always have a choice, regardless of what you’re typing on. 

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